September 24, 2012

mirrored // Nectar Sunglasses

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meet nectar sunglasses! this is such a fun brand, celebrating those who live in the moment, and we really couldn’t wait to share them with you. they carry a line of sunglasses, where not only the frames come in a ray of fun colors, but so do the lenses. priced from $13-$25, you can afford to get one of each color. you can even customize your own pair to order. and the best part is, if you lose or break them, just send them back and they will replace them with a brand new pair. amazing! these are the kinds of things i live for to find – a feel-good lifestyle brand, a great pair of mirrored sunglasses, and a refund policy that just brightens my day.

c/o Nectar Starboard Sunglasses


Awesome sunglasses! Just like my new pair of Oakley Frogskins sunglasses.

Our strength is the fabrication of our own crystal rhinestones which have between 12 and 16 facets that gives them a greatest shine as well as unique colors not available on the market today only exclusive for our company.

Crystal Custom

Different crystals emit different healing energies; therefore, some crystals may be better suited for your particular needs than others

Customized sunglasses

This sunglasses are very helpful to our eyesight especially in the day time. I have a great experience about this sun glass.

Customized sunglasses

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Customized sunglasses

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