September 20, 2013

Meet D.C.’s Newest Ride Service: Lyft

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Step 1. Download the ‘Lyft’ app and put in the code ‘FASHBROKE’ for a $20 credit

Step 2. Request your Lyft

Step 3. Look for the pink mustache and hop in!


Step 4. Plug your phone in!


Step 5. Have a complimentary, cold beverage!



(And you should probably give them that code too)

Lyft is D.C.’s newest smartphone-based ride-sharing service, which just surpassed 1 million rides in August! We wanted to tell you a little bit more how it works because we now swear by it and we want you to check it out!

It’s all app-based, so you add your credit card to your profile and that’s how you pay (no cash will be accepted). You request your driver, Lyft tells you how many are in the area and how soon they will arrive, as well as shows you a picture of the (safety verified) driver and the car that’s coming to pick you up.

As soon as you get in, you will get a fist pump. Then your driver will probably ask you something awesome like, “Do you want to plug your phone in, I have every charger known to mankind?” Or, “Would you like a drink or a piece of candy?” (in which you reply, “Hell yes.”) There are even drivers in San Francisco (Lyft’s hometown) that would ask you “Who wants to sing some karaoke?!” Lyft is all about having fun and that’s why we love it!

When your ride is over, Lyft suggests what it thinks you should pay your driver (including tip). So, you then rate your driver and chose how much you want to pay (all within the privacy of your phone). We can just tell you now, the rates can’t be beat! It comes to about a dollar a minute for the recommended donation. Plus, your driver has just become your new bff so you are going to have no issue with giving him the recommended amount.

So, give Lyft a try and be sure to use the code ‘FASHBROKE’ for a $20 credit towards your first ride! Then, tweet us and let us know how much you love it 🙂 Have a great weekend, guys! xx

P.S. Lyft works in Virginia too!


I'm just loving this whole idea of Lyft. They are so much of fun & Will definitely be giving them a go!

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There are even drivers in San Francisco (Lyft's hometown) that would ask you "Who wants to sing some karaoke?!" Lyft is all about having fun and that's why we love it! free uber ride

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These are so fun! I See them around San Francisco all the time. =]

Kate from Clear the Way

I saw one of these mustaches the other day and I was so confused!

It all makes sense now!

I wasn't able to make it out to their DC kickoff event but I just love the whole idea of Lyft — will definitely be giving them a go!

xo, Liz
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