June 24, 2014

Gorgeous: 10 Beauty Products to Try

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Gorgeous Cosmetics is a new make-up line, carried at Nordstrom, that I recently got the chance to test out courtesy of Gorgeous Cosmetics themselves. I tried almost the entire line, but I wanted to narrow it down to my ten favorites. I enjoy using each of these products every day now, and I promise you, I wouldn’t recommend anything that I didn’t use myself!

‘Contour’ Eight-Pan Beauty Palette

This palette became a favorite almost instantly. I learned it could be used for your face or eyes and then started playing with different color combinations over a few days. My favorites are Matte Tan for my face, Dusk Rose for my cheeks and Mocha for my eyes. Anything that’s “all in one,” I’m on board with.

‘iINK’ Liquid Eye Pencil

Also pictured here is a really great, flat black eyeliner that goes on like a gel. It’s so soft so I like using this pencil for my waterline specifically.

Four-Pan Eyeshadow Palette

They offer three options here, each for a different eye color. My eyes are hazel, so I could have gone with the green or brown, but I chose the brown palette because I liked the top row for day and the bottom row for night.

‘Base Perfect’ Liquid Foundation

Paired with the First Base Foundation Primer, this foundation is great. For only $45, you get a huge bottle and I love that it’s soft and sheer and not cakey. I had nixed foundation from my beauty routine this summer, but this one goes on more like a tinted moisturizer but with better coverage so it’s all good.

Cake Eyeliner

If you follow me on Instagram, then you saw this and I probably need to say no more. I love, love, love this eyeliner. I had been using eye shadow as liner lately, for a softer look, so this was the perfect option for me. It comes with a really fine, angled brush for easily perfected application and it’s already rich pigment combined with the sealant makes it lasts all day and night.

‘Essential Shades’ Eight-Pan Beauty Palette

Like they said, it’s just an essential. With metallic shades across the top row and flat, matte colors across the bottom, you have everything you need in basic hues that work well with any skin tone.

‘Glamalash’ Volumizing Mascara

It’s rich pigment and thickening effect is just what I look for in a mascara. Just from looking at the brush, you can tell that it’s going to be good. It also contains vitamin E, which helps protect and regenerate your lashes.

Cream Cheek Blush

I’ve never used a cream blush, but have always wanted to try one. I now use it every day because I’ve truly never found a more long-lasting blush! It’s easy application, no brush needed, is perfect for me because I’m always on the go. I use Strawberries and Cream now, but I want to try Creme Brulee next, for a natural, bronzed look.

‘Endless Summer’ Bronzing Powder

Last but not least, it’s summer and every girl needs a good bronzer. This one goes on strong, but light, leaving you with a natural glow. Plus, it’s only $36!

You can hover over the interactive photo below to shop more Gorgeous Cosmetics!