July 16, 2014


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As we approach the second year mark in our new home, I can’t help but celebrate the little things that come with owning your own home. Full disclosure, I don’t own our home in any way, my boyfriend does, but it’s thanks to him that I get to reap the benefits of owning too. Besides the obvious financial advantages that come along with it, I really enjoy things like not having to look for a new place to live every 12 months, or worrying about my rent going up, or begging the property management to not charge me a million dollars to own two, small dogs that more resemble squirrels. And it’s thanks to my mister that we can really settle and there’s something to be said for that.

Renting versus owning means freedom. Freedom to paint the walls, knock one down if you want to, take your time shopping for furniture, building your own personal style and making your home feel like your home. We’ve been decorating (and redecorating) and renovating since the day we moved in it seems. But, I love it! It’s a fun thing that we can do together and I’ve enjoyed making our house a home every (tiresome, grueling) step of the way. Also, the comfort of knowing we have that home stuff taken care of has really given me the confidence and extra push to focus on things like this blog and even recently making a big career change. It’s helped me to grow too, by learning how to take care of a home. I’m finally able to put all of the good “first-home” tips my family gave me along the way to good use.

Our open-style kitchen was what sealed the deal for us. The previous owner knocked down a wall and left us with a neutral pallet to work with, which was ahhh-mazing. It’s also helped me to actually enjoy cooking now!

Our living room looks completely different now, but this was right after we pulled up all of the carpeting and my handy-dandy boyfriend installed black, laminate flooring throughout the whole house! He did a great job, and wow was that a mess. We also painted the living room a really great color that I know we’ll love for years to come; Revere Pewter from Benjamin Moore.

I love to entertain now! Not having to pack up dishware every twelve months has helped me take the plunge and start buying adult-like things, such as large platters and every type of cocktail glass there is.

We’re planning to re-do our closets soon with installed organization, but for now I’m enjoying buying small things like shoe bins and velvet hangers to make my closet a clean and organized space that I enjoy seeing every day.

Flower Pot is happy too, because now she doesn’t have to pay pet rent and can just lounge all day long. 🙂

Maybe one day we can share my boyfriend’s best tips for saving to own your home by the age of 26, since I can’t really help you with that. Holler at me if you need help deciding which shoes to buy though! But I’m so glad I teamed up with State Farm to reflect back on those who have helped me a long the way. It’s reminded me how happy and grateful I am for having that cute boyfriend of mine and for his hard work that’s undoubtedly helped us get us to where we are today.

Like a good neighbor State Farm is there.

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by State Farm via Mode Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of State Farm.


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You're so fortunate to have a great saver by your side! Owning is definitely something every 25+ year old should look into! Your home looks so cozy! I love what you've done with the living room- the black floors look so chic!

xx Shabnam

Thank you, Shabnam! I feel very fortunate 🙂 The black floors are great right? So hard to keep clean though lol!

Thanks for stopping by! xx -Natalie