January 13, 2015

Shampoo Truths

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shampoo, how to, best shampoos, pr at partners, nadine matar

I recently had a revelation (in the shower) and realized that I don’t really know much about shampooing. How to do it properly, what shampoo to buy, etc. So, I sat down with my stylist Nadine and picked her brain and what I found was that I was right – I didn’t know a thing about it.

shampoo, how to, best shampoos, pr at partners, nadine matar

shampoo, how to, best shampoos, pr at partners, nadine matar

As most of you know, we preach about our hair stylist Nadine Matar. Erika and I have been seeing Nadine at PR at Partners for about two years now and, having been to countless (okay and pretty good) stylists in the past, we can honestly say that she’s the best we’ve ever had. She not only knows everything about hair and beauty and everything in between, she also has a really amazing skill that is not easily replicated: She knows exactly what you need right as you walk in the door (sometimes even before you walk in the door) and that’s what really makes her special. I don’t know about you, but that’s half the battle when heading to the salon. After hours of searching Pinterest for inspiration, it all seems so unnecessary once I plop in Nadine’s chair. She combines all of my inspiration with reality and creates a beautiful end product that I couldn’t have even thought up before she did it.

Anyways – We looove Nadine, you get it. Local guys and gals, if you want to see her (as you should), you can find her at PR at Partners located at 2033 K ST. NW or call (202) 862-3870 to book an appointment. In the meantime, here’s what she had to say about shampoo:


1. How to lather: I often have clients complain about a part of their scalp that is acting unruly or is particularly oily. This issue typically boils down to where the shampoo is being applied and lathered. Start your lather on the crown of the head. Add water to your lather and work the product toward your hairline and the nape of your neck, ensuring the entire scalp has been cleansed.

2. Washing your hair every single day is NOT the best option for everyone. Over washing can dry out both your hair and scalp. If you are prone to an oily scalp, use a dry shampoo every other day to help absorb oils. If you have a dry scalp/ hair, opt for a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner and only wash two to three times per week.

3. Start warm, end cold. Warm water opens the outer most layer of the hair strand, allowing the hair to absorb all of the moisture/shine/etc your shampoo is providing. Ending with a cold rinse seals the hair strand and locks all of the goodness inside.

4. Use a good quality shampoo. Salon professional shampoos and conditioners are labeled “professional” for a reason. Think of them as your insurance policy. If your stylist is recommending something, chances are that product is going to tackle or prevent an issue that your hair may face. This especially applies to hair that has been exposed to any chemicals.

5. Like your wardrobe, your hair care should change with the seasons. Wintertime can be brutal on hair and skin. In colder months, opt for a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to ensure hair is nourished and moisture is restored. In warm months, stock a clarifying shampoo that will properly rid you of chlorine and excess product.

6. ATTENTION ALL BLONDES: Purple shampoo is your best friend. Use a purple shampoo to help cancel out any yellow or brassy tones that may appear between appointments.

She also dished on her favorite products right now (I’ve starred the ones I’ve used and loved):

1. Oily Scalp/Dry Ends: Kerastase Cristalliste

2. Deep Conditioning Masque for Shine & Nourishment: L’Oreal Mythic Oil Nourishing Masque

3. Color Protection: Kerastase Reflection

4. Smoothing: *TIGI Hair Reborn Sublime Smooth

5. Moisturizing: *Sebastian Drench

6. Purple Shampoo: *Catwalk by Tigi Fashionista


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The problem you face for using too much shampoo that is hair loss. Shampoo containing the various elements. But every element is not helpful for hair. The SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate or sodium laureth sulfate) is injurious to the scalp and is one of the main reasons for hair drop. So do not use excess shampoo to your hair . Use shampoo every 1-2 days but not using excess shampoo. When you use too much shampoo it create too much lather and it thinned your hair. On the other hand using excessive shampoo dry and hares your hair.

I love PR at Partners! I go to the one in Alexandria 🙂
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