February 2, 2015

The Truth About Primer

Beauty Makeup Smashbox

Erika & I both love Smashbox. The quality and the price point really make it a no-brainer. We always turn to Smashbox at Nordstrom Pentagon City when we need our make-up done for special events. Recently we were paired with their Resident Artist, Aleah Rae Dorsey, and she’s now become our go-to girl. She’s has a true passion for the brand and an awesome personality, but we are most impressed with her knowledge about make-up in general.

When I first met Aleah, I was having a major dry skin issue. She immediately prescribed a hydrating primer and within days I felt and saw results. Plus, my make-up just looked so much better! She taught me more than I ever knew about the importance of primers (like, did you know there’s eye lash primer and it’s amazing?) and now I’m a huge advocate of them. Aleah has a ton of great tips when it comes to priming, so here’s just a few of the basics.


1. What is a primer? And what does it do?

Think of it as magnet for your makeup! Applied after moisturizer, but before foundation, primer keeps all of your makeup in place. It also, acts as a soft filter for the skin blurring fine lines and wrinkles and creating the best possible canvas for your foundation before it is even applied.

2. Why do I need it?

Have you ever spent 15 or 20 minutes putting on your makeup for work in the morning, only to have to almost all of it all over again after lunch? It’s horrible…but, you don’t have to go through it. A primer fixes everything! When you prime your skin with a quality primer, you instantly extend the wear of your makeup. And who doesn’t need makeup that lasts all day and still looks as good as when you first put it on?

3. What makes Smashbox primers stand different from the rest?

Smashbox is the only makeup line created, tested and perfected in a photography studio. We are the originators of the primer category! If you think about makeup done
for photoshoots to know it has to 1) look FLAWLESS and 2) last, and last and LAST! And Smashbox primers are made to do just that! Since their inception, pro-makeup artists have always reached for our primers for their clients — but since they are gentle and lightweight enough for use in everyday life, you can too!

4. If you had to pick one Smashbox primer, what would it be and why?

This time of year, most of my clients are suffering from dry, chapped, flaky skin — even those that admit to being more oily in the summer. I am absolutely obsessed with Smashbox’s HYDRATING primer. It provides skin with a boost of hydration without using oil. It leaves skin feeling awake and refreshed, and even my breakout prone clients love how it adds hydration to their skin, but is still oil-free.

5. I’ve tried primer before and hated it. Are all primers created equal?

Like most other products in life, you really do “get what you pay for” when it comes to primer. Investing in a quality primer is like investing in quality skincare — even if the makeup you wear over it is not that hot, you may not notice because you have a great primer underneath. It’s also important t to remember that there really is not a one size fits all when it comes to primer. Smashbox for example makes close to a dozen different primers that can do everything from fight wrinkles, to neutralize redness, to control oil! It’s all about figuring out which one is right for you and your budget!

Local Readers: Make a 10 minute appointment (by emailing Aleah with your preferred time and date) to stop by the Smashbox counter at Nordstrom Pentagon City between February 2nd – 11th to get matched for the correct primer for your skin type + receive a free one week supply of it!



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Uhhh that acne on the side. Maybe you should try some concealer instead of primer? Smashbox primer reflects light which brings more attention to your acne.

Michelle – that is the rudest comment ever! She has a mole, not acne. Get your eyes checked. Natalie! – You look fab girl. Xo.