March 6, 2015

Morning Cup Of Jo

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I think we all remember the day that we didn’t think we liked coffee just as much as we can’t remember when we could actually live without it. Every morning around 10AM, I walk to the nearest Starbucks and order a Tall Blonde, and not just because it’s fun to say even though it does makes me giggle every time. Every now and then I throw a little soy in it. I usually say no room, but I then still add a splash of soy or non-fat milk anyways, mostly to cool it down because I’m a big baby.

But when I first began drinking coffee, I didn’t appreciate the different roasts that Starbucks had to offer. I would pick the first one I saw. Sort of like not knowing the difference between a bottle of three-buck-chuck at Trader Joe’s and a nice Francis Coppola. I do love both, but I like knowing the difference. And just like with my wine, I’ve started learning what kind of coffee I want to drink (because it can change daily). Right now I’ve been on a blonde (Veranda) kick, but I’m going to give the Verona and the House Blend a try next. I’m also loving using a pour-over, it makes one delicious cup of coffee.

If you’re wondering which one you might like best, Starbucks Blonde-roasted coffees have a lighter body and mellow flavors, Medium are balanced with smooth and rich flavors and Dark-roasted coffees feature a fuller body and bold flavors.

I’m also being a total nerd currently and making notes about what I like in my Starbucks Coffee Passport book (seen above). I just like writing things down really, it relaxes me, plus it’s given me a fun hobby that I can enjoy indoors while it won’t stop snowing around here. Here’s a little excerpt from the book that you might find interesting – it’s from “The Four Steps Of Tasting Coffee.”

Smell | Always smell a coffee before you taste it. Your mouth distinguishes only four tastes…but your nose can detect thousands of smells.

Slurp | When tasting a coffee, it’s important to slurp it. This sprays the coffee across your entire palate and lets the subtle flavors and aromas reach all the tasting zones of your mouth.

Locate | Consider the coffee’s weight and feel in your mouth. Where are you experiencing the flavors? On your tongue?

Describe | What words would you use to characterize the aroma, flavor and how the coffee feels… What other food flavors or aromas can you compare the coffees to?