July 29, 2015

My Gallery Wall

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Believe it or not, I really love being behind the camera just as much as I love being in front of it! Rather than spending money on artwork for our home, I decided I wanted to create my own using my personal photographs. Deciding which photos to frame can be hard, but using Framebridge made the whole process super easy.

We had a lot of wall space to cover, so I decided to create a gallery wall. I ended up framing photos from our trips to Puerto Rico and San Fransisco – where some of our favorite memories have been. I just sent the files to Framebridge and they were able to print and frame them for me (if you already have your own artwork though, you can send it to Framebridge to frame as well).

Framebridge helped me pick the flat white, black and silver mirrored frames. I felt like they each brought a different vibe to my gallery wall, but still all matched the aesthetic I wanted. With their preview function, you can see exactly how your photo will look in the frame, and they have so many different frame styles and sizes to choose from.

We’re loving our new artwork! What do you think? This was my first gallery wall, so I wanted to share some tips for creating your own:

1. Mix & match the frame sizes and colors.

2. Measure the wall space that your working with and arrange the frames before hanging them.

3. Hang the largest piece first, and work around it. This allows more room for error in your measurements.

4. Stick to two rows of frames (three if they’re small) to get the perfect gallery wall height.

Use the code FASHIONABLYBROKE to get 15% off your first order on Framebridge (offer expires August 31st).


LOVE LOVE LOVE! Actually, just come one over to Atlanta and hook a girl up lol I have zero patience to do this but SO much artwork to hang!