August 20, 2015

A Havenly Home

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I have such a love of home decorating, especially since we became homeowners. But after realizing that I just didn’t have the time to dedicate to decorating our home, I turned to Havenly – An online, interior design service. For under $200, a Havenly interior designer will work with you directly (and via the web) to help you create your dream space.

The room that we’ve neglected the most, by far, has been our second bedroom. Ever since Erika moved out of it, it’s been a mix between an office and storage (lots of storage). I really wanted to make myself a great space where I could feel organized, feel motivated and, in the words of my friend Meg Biram, “get shit done.” My boyfriend wanted a room to “get shit done” as well, plus store his large book collection and his bikes.

Now, let me share some before photos with you (they’re scary – bare with me).

As you can see, I practically handed my interior designer a disaster – a room with almost no style or life to it, so confused with it’s own identity that it probably thinks it’s just an extra big closet.

The first step was to explain our needs and wants for the room to our designer savior, Amy. I was able to provide Amy with links to some images of home decor that I liked right in the Havenly platform (which I pulled from my ‘Home Decor’ Pinterest board) and below is what she came up with.

Concept One:

Concept Two:

Amy pretty much nailed it and I had a really hard time choosing. In the end I went with Concept 2 because of the bright, white pallet. I was able to rate my boards right within the platform, as well send Amy direct feedback via chat.

Next, I sent Amy my room measurements, photos, and links to the items that I already had and wanted to use (such as my West Elm rug) and she put together the full design of the room.

My side: Featuring a new desk and distressed wood media console.

His side: Fully equipped with shelving for his books collection.

I wanted to see two more options (here comes the indecisive crazy lady inside me), so Amy quickly put those together for me as well – Love her. The biggest thing holding me back though with the completion of the room was pulling the trigger on purchasing furniture. Here’s a peek at some of the additional Concepts she put together for me, swapping out a big ticket item – the media console – for a less expensive one:

White Rolling Cart:

Black Rolling Cart:

Now, thanks to Havenly, we are already well on our way to a full room make-over just a few weeks later. Can’t wait to share the full room reveal with you soon!

If you’re ready to “get shit done,” and get started on your own home, use the discount code TFB20 for 20% off your Havenly!