I already have a great feeling about this year. I’ve been keeping up with almost all of my personal goals (so far), like a more regular workout routine, learning new recipes, drinking more water, and developing a more structured “work from home” schedule. I know, don’t we always sound this optimistic at the start of the year? Well, this year I have full intentions of making it even better than the last. And, 2016 was a great year.

Now that I’m feeling more settled into my routine as a full-time blogger and business owner, I really want to connect more with you guys via this blog too! I’m ready to share it all – The good, the bad and the ugly this year. Hopefully there won’t be any ugly though. I’d like to think my fashion sense only gets better with time… 🙂

Is there anything you’d like to see more of or read more about here on The Fashionably Broke? If you could leave a comment below, email me, tweet me, or whatever works best for you. I want to know what you’re the most interested in and what’s kept you being the loyal TFB reader that you are.

Whether it’s our style, our adventures, or our health, it’s my goal this year to help us both (you & I) make 2017 a golden year! How’s this for starters – These pants are $19.99 and these sunglasses are under $50. xx