February 27, 2017

Why We Love CorePower Yoga

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You may have seen some posts flying around our Instagram about our fitness journey with CorePower Yoga. So, I thought it was time that we formally introduced you to our new favorite workout and shared some of the reasons why we’ve stuck with it. Below are some of my favorite things about CPY (And Erika agrees with every single one too!).

If you have any specific questions about CorePower Yoga feel free to email us. Also, if you haven’t tried it yet, be sure to claim your free week here!

// Heated Classes: Thanks to the heated studios, CorePower Yoga classes are a great way to detoxify your body. Plus, for whatever reason, a good sweat always makes me feel like I got a really good workout.

// Power of Breath: Yoga, of course, is all about breathing and, “one breath, one movement.” Mind-body connection has been super inspiring and empowering for me and is a core component of any CorePower Yoga class. Whenever I think I can’t do something, on or even off of my yoga mat, I use the controlled breath that I learned in class to get me through it.

// Mind Strength: In every CorePower Yoga class we set an intention at the beginning of class, used to solidify and acknowledge why we came to class. Setting intentions has allowed me to better discover what my personal goals are and focus on them more.

// Body Strength: For those who might think yoga is an “easy workout,” it’s not! I’ve taken the C1, C2 and Sculpt classes at CorePower Yoga and I always wake up sore the next day. CorePower Yoga hasn’t been as much about losing weight, for me, but more about building muscle, getting stronger and feeling better.

// Me Time: Some days I will go the entire day without stepping away from my computer. I’ve found that setting aside at least one hour for myself, every day, to do something that I enjoy is crucial for my mood & overall happiness. When I’m in a CorePower Yoga class is when I’m really able to completely disconnect from everything that’s on my mind. And it’s glorious.

// Sculpt: The Sculpt class is definitely our favorite class! It’s a fast-paced class, so it flies by, and you sweat a TON while working various muscle groups using free weights. It’s a great, well-rounded workout. And super fun too.

// The Community: The energy in a CorePower Yoga class can’t be beat. Especially in Sculpt, where the classes are usually jam packed and high-energy, I find that I really feed off of my fellow yogi’s energy to get me through a tough workout. Class always ends with high-fives all around.


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