October 5, 2017

#TURNITUP with Me & Seagram’s Escapes




I’m all about setting the mood, no matter what your day (or night) brings you.  Simple things like the scent of a luxurious candle, a bold lipstick or even a fun, flavorful beverage can instantly set the pace.  For me, that starts as soon as I begin getting ready for a night out.  I always play some music, light my favorite candle and pour myself a cocktail.  I’ve been hooked on Seagram’s Escapes Spiked since trying them a few weekends ago at the beach.  Available in two delicious flavors, Strawberry Daiquiri and Jamaican Me Happy, I’m instantly transported back to the warm and sunny vibes of summertime with every sip.

They’re usually a guaranteed hit if your girlfriends are coming over to get ready together, which me and my friends often do.  I like to just pour them into my favorite, fancy glasses, over ice and topped with a fun fruit garnish like an orange, pineapple or strawberry.  And it doesn’t get any easier for refills than that (no shaker needed)!

If you’ve tried Seagram’s Escapes drinks before, Seagram’s Escapes Spiked offers the delicious flavors of Seagram’s Escapes you’ve probably already come to love, just with a slightly higher alcohol content (8% to be exact).  You can learn more about it and find out what stores in your area carry it on their website here.  It’s almost Friday, time to #TurnItUp!

B.P Top


I love that top! The ruffles are adorable!