April 9, 2018

2018 Swimwear Guide

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To give you a little backstory before we get into the fun stuff (the swimwear!), I’ve always been a beach girl.  I grew up going on a family beach week vacation at least once a summer and I would bring one suit per day we were down there. Then, after college, I even lived at the beach.  What started out as a summer, turned into 6 months, but we eventually came back home to be closer to our families.  Now, we’re lucky enough to have a house to go down to and stay at in the Outer Banks all year round, so that’s helped to resolve any regrets of moving back (to the cold).

I’ve always loved the beach, but it’s been recently that I’ve really developed a deep appreciation for good swimwear.  After college, my body changed a lot.  To be honest, I didn’t love the way I looked in a bathing suit anymore.  So, for me, finding swimsuits that I loved, that were well-made and super flattering, was the best way for me to feel confident when I had to wear a bathing suit.  The last thing I wanted was to let silly insecurities get in the way of my time spent in my favorite place.  I’m nowhere near perfect, but I’ve definitely grown to be more comfortable and confident in my own skin.  I’ve learned that that mostly comes with personal growth from within, but cute suits help too! 

I’m always searching for the best brands out there (there’s seriously so many these days) and in turn I’ve developed quite a collection of swimwear.  I definitely have over 100 bathing suits, which might actually be embarrassing, but I’ll justify it by saying I collect them now.  Plus each one means something different/special to me.  Like, my Onia suits.  They were the first brand to gift me a really nice swimsuit.  Others are reminders of memories or trips I went on when I first wore them.

I often get asked what my favorite swimwear brands are, and I’m always on the hunt, so my plan is to update this post as I find new ones throughout the year.  You’ll notice, I’m mostly into one-pieces and high-waisted bikinis.  Hopefully you’re into those styles too!  I’ll try to include as much information as I can about each one, like sizing and fit, but feel free to reach out to me directly with anything you’d like to know!



SHOT IN: Miami, FL

If you don’t like tons of bells and whistles, you’ll love Sie Swim. None of their suits have any hardware on them and they’re all seamless too, making them extra comfortable to wear. The designs are simple and sleek with just the right amount of character.  (Wearing size mediums) 


SHOT IN: Miami, FL

If you’re looking to be a trendsetter on the beach and wear something unique, you’ll love Revel Rey suits.  All of the suits, designed by Audrey Swanson, are hand-painted!  The silhouettes are just as unique as the prints, they’re so flattering and some are even reversible.  Revel Rey’s collections are inspired by living a passionate lifestyle and traveling to amazing places so, fittingly, the suits are all made in Bali.  (Wearing size medium)


SHOT IN: Phoenix, AZ

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ve seen me in plenty of Solid & Striped suits, they’re one of my all-time favorites.  I just find that the quality and the price point can’t be beat!  Plus, they’re always coming out with new styles making them an easy go-to for shopping before travels anytime throughout the year.   Dreamed up in the Hamptons, I can’t say enough good things about this brand.  You’ll really have to try them for yourself to understand what I mean!  They offer free domestic shipping and returns on their website, but are also available on Shopbop (Hello, Amazon Prime 2-day shipping!).  I just ordered this off-the-shoulder one piece and I can’t wait to wear it. (Wearing size small in the suits with more coverage and medium in the skimpier ones)



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