April 11, 2018

A few Coachella tips!



It’s festival season but we all know the one everyone’s talking about – The one that will fill up your Instagram feeds for the next two weeks – Coachella!  Today Timehop reminded me of my Coachella trip, four years ago.  I went with my sister Erika, her boyfriend Brad, and some of their friends.  It was such a fun trip, I highly recommend going at least once if you can!  Having only been once, and so long ago (I’m sure a lot has changed since then), I just want to preface this with the fact that I’m no expert.  But, I do have a few, basic tips for the festival if you’re going.  Scroll below to read what they are, plus get a few funny (but #reallife) tips from Erika and Brad too!

I’m also really excited to put theses photos that I shot with Intermix a few weeks ago to good use.  All three of looks are festival-themed and styled by their amazing stylist, Rose Tran, and all are available at Intermix online and/or in-stores.  Scroll below to shop!





Coachella Tips & Tricks

+ Plan out what artists you want to see.  The venue is really big so you’ll want to make sure you know where you want to be and when.  This will also help you determine what time you want to show up to the festival on each day.  Shows go on late into the night (morning), so there’s a fine balance of not getting there too early.  You want to make it past midnight!

++ Go to the shows!  Of course, there are so many fun parties and events to attend during Coachella, but there are also so many amazing artists to see/hear.  Even the ones who you may not recognize at first may end up becoming new favorites.  Just being at the venue is the only way to get a true Coachella experience, in my opinion.  Don’t just go for the ‘gram, that’s secretly my pet-peeve.  Live music is the best.  Definitely check out the Do Lab at least once.

+++  Dress for the weather.  The days in Palm Springs are HOT.  Especially mid-day, when the sun is beaming down directly onto you.  Make sure to stay hydrated, dress appropriately, wear sunscreen, and all of that good stuff.  Ironically it gets really cold at night in the desert, so you’ll want to have a light-weight jacket and I would even support wearing pants to the festival for this reason.  It not only gets super cold but really windy too and dust storms are an actual thing.  If you thought the whole bandanna-around-the-neck thing was just a trend, it’s not.  Actually, a bandanna is a must-have accessory to protect your mouth and nose from inhaling tons (And I mean, tons) of dust.

++++ Transportation.  I remember it was pretty miserable leaving the festival at the end of the night.  The Uber line can get up to 2 hours long and it’s hard to find your driver.  If you’re taking a hotel shuttle, try to be one of the firsts in the line or, again, you will be waiting.  I’m not sure how the whole parking situation works if you wanted to drive yourself but it’s definitely worth looking into beforehand.

*Bonus Tips from Erika & Brad* (Because, LOL)

“Lube your nostrils with Neosporin.” – Brad (in reference to the dust storms)

“Bring your own toilet paper.” – Erika (in reference to the bathroom scenario)

Have fun!! xx


All photos by Gabe Araujo for Intermix.


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