April 30, 2018

How I packed for a day of meetings in NYC.

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Last week I popped up to New York for a day of meetings and events with Sara.  This time we flew, so I packed my favorite carry-on luggage, my Rimowa Salsa Air.  I think Wes is still mad at me for asking for it for my birthday a few years ago.  It’s a running joke between us (He can’t understand spending that much on a suitcase, or anything really – Haha!).  But, like I tell him, it’s totally worth it because these suitcases are the best!  It rolls SO smoothly, sometimes I barely touch it and it’s rolling away from me. I love it.  Also, it was my first piece of “hard shell” luggage and I’ll never look back.  I’ve always been one to stuff a suitcase to the brim, so I thought a hard shell would be limiting but it’s surprisingly not at all.  This carry-on bag holds so much more than you’d think, it’s actually so impressive, and I like that I never have to worry about getting stopped at the gate for having an “over sized” carry-on.  Repacking a suitcase at the gate to make it fit in that little bag checker is my literal nightmare, so if it’s yours too, just get a Rimowa bag and call it a day.

Packing for a business trip can be tricky, especially one where I know I’ll have on one look for an entire day.  If it weren’t for our travel delays we were supposed to have one evening “drink” meeting, followed by an event the next morning and three meetings around the city (A combination of lunch meetings and showroom visits) and then flying out that night.

So, packing-wise, I needed two outfits.  I always, always, always bring at least one pair of jeans with me when I travel.  I’ve found, there’s always a moment where you need jeans, no matter where you are or what you’re doing, so I always bring them.  Since I didn’t have a ton of room to pack a whole other full jeans look, I just wore my jeans look on a plane rather than something cozy like sweats.  My airplane look was a sweater, wide leg jeans, checkered trench coat, and slingback flats (similar here and here).

We missed the drink meeting since we arrived so late (Bummer!), but I was going to wear this blue mini skirt and a white, ruffle blouse.  We ended up just doing a little shopping and going to dinner, so I threw on a cute windbreaker jacket with the jeans I wore on the plane.   It was rainy in NYC that night anyways so this jacket really came in handy (affordable here and similar here).

The next day was a marathon day, we started the morning off at a Net-A-Porter event at 9AM (More to come about that!), followed by three meetings afterwards.  I knew we’d be running around the city, hailing cabs, popping into Barney’s in between meetings, etc., so I had to really chose my outfit wisely.  I opted for a ruffled midi skirt, a lightweight, pink sweatshirt (I purchased a size large for an over sized fi) and a low-heeled pair of mules (affordable dupes here and similar here).

I bought this skirt at the Mango in SoHo (It was my first time getting to shop at a Mango in person by the way and OMG, so fun!) and Kristi from French Connection gave us these adorable FCUK sweatshirts (love this sweatshirt too).  I quickly changed into this look when we went to pick up our bags back at the hotel and check out.  And I’ve been living in these Nike sneakers since I got them.  They feel like walking on clouds!