June 5, 2018

Backyard Hosting Tips with Middle Sister Wine

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Bring your favorite Middle Sister wine along to all of your celebrations this year!

I don’t know about you, but summer is always full of birthdays and various occasions and celebrations for me.  So that’s why today’s post is all about how to host the perfect, drama-free backyard party this summer.  I have a few tips that I think can make a big impact (And require minimal effort).  Plus, I want to tell you more about one of my favorite table wines (That I teased on Instagram earlier this month), Middle Sister!



First and foremost, my favorite and easy alternative to a formal table setting.  This summer opt for a chic picnic in the grass instead!  Shoes optional!

Keep the decor simple and let your guests be the star of the party.  I always love a neutral pallet so that your food stands out.  Use different glasses to add a little bit bohemian flare – Plus, this helps everyone keep track of their glass.



When it comes to food, think of sweet and sassy treats this summer.  Besides your standard cheese plate, I love to serve fruit at all of my gatherings.  Not only is it beautiful to look at, but super refreshing and, trust me, your guests will thank you for providing healthier, lighter options to snack on.

Little details in these two recipes (If you could even call them that, they’re so easy) will impress your guests.  What looks like cheese on top of this watermelon “pizza” is actually macadamia nuts and coconut flakes!  Another favorite trick of mine is to add a little traditional Mexican flare to your fruit platter with Trader Joe’s Chili & Lime Seasoning and lime garnish.  The combination is unexpected and delicious!



Have options!  Especially when it comes to wine, I’ve found that not everyone has the same go-to.  To ensure there’s something for everyone, and avoid any last minute runs to the store (Wes loves it whe I send him on those mid-party!), provide an assortment of wine varietals for your guests to choose from.  Bonus tip: Buy wine that’s all from the same wine maker and teleport your guests to a winery (It almost feels like a tasting!).

For my backyard party, I served the Super Six Middle Sister wines:

Middle Sister Sweet & Sassy “Magic” Moscato (has a temperature change label!)
Middle Sister Rebel Red Blend
Middle Sister Drama Queen Pinot Grigio
Middle Sister Wild One Malbec
Middle Sister Goodie Two-Shoes Pinot Noir
Middle Sister Mischief Maker Cabernet Sauvignon



Middle Sister wines were created 10 years ago by the founding women of the Wine Sisterhood.  Founder, Terry Wheatley created Middle Sister wines for middle sisters everywhere, so they finally get the attention they deserve.

While I don’t have a middle sister, it’s always been a fun joke for my (little) sister and I to drink Middle Sister together.  It’s delicious, in our price-range, and the labels are so fun – Perfect to bring to any gathering with your girlfriends (Or, better yet, sisters)!

Being a woman-owned company, Middle Sister wines also supports a variety of causes and issues which benefit women, like Sonoma Valley Wine Business Executive MBA Scholarship for women in the wine industry, Angels Share and Heart of the Vine.



{Giveaway!}  To celebrate 1o years of Middle Sister wine, the brand is celebrating with a monthly Kate Spade purse giveaway, be sure to enter here!  And, don’t forget to consider bringing your favorite Middle Sister wine along to all of your celebrations this year.  Wines are available in stores across the U.S. and online and she’s never one to miss a party!



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What a sweet picnic set up! Definitely a great time for wine!