August 17, 2018

Chanel Hydra Beauty



I think we’re all aware by now, CHANEL can do no wrong.  I’ve only heard great things about their skincare line and so it was about time I tried it.  I decided to start things off right with the highly coveted Hydra Beauty line.  The word “Hydra” obviously clued me in on that it would be hydrating, but I never expected it to be this good.  As you know,  I recently underwent my first Vascular Laser treatment, so I’ve had to stick to a super gentle skin care routine.  Besides a cleanser and moisturizer, I’ve only used these 3 products from the CHANEL Hydra Beauty line for the past two weeks and I’ve been obsessed with the combination.  It’s really made me wear less make-up too because my skin looks hydrated and bright and super refreshed!

Also, omg, this line smells SO amazing!  Plus, they look super chic sitting on your beauty shelf, just saying.  Here’s a little more about each product, I know you guys would love them all!


Hydra Beauty Masque De Nuit Au Camélia

I love a mask that you can just pop on and sleep in.  Skincare doesn’t get much easier than that does it?  This overnight mask is formulated with an exclusive, nutrient-rich formula that’s both hydrating and oxygenating and will leave your skin brighter, hydrated, and looking well-rested.  I love the consistency, it feels more like a moisturizer than a mask and leaving it on all night really allows your skin to absorb the product and reap all it’s benefits.  I used the mask three times a week the first week and now I use it twice a week to maintain my new, glowy skin.  *Pro-tip: Apply this mask all the way down your neck!


Hydra Beauty Micro Liquid Essence

This liquid essence is actually made with super powerful ingredients, as well as a CHANEL patented technology.  I’ve apply this essence every morning as the first step in my skincare routine (after I rinse my face with water).  It contains a powerful antioxidant that leaves the skin looking and feeling energized for the day!  It’s a great foundation to any daytime skincare routine because it’s intensely hydrating and prepares your skin for whatever serums, moisturizers, and even makeup, that you’re going to use next.  The texture is almost water-like and super lightweight.  I’ll use this product all year round.



Last but not least is this replenishing Micro Crème.  I apply it both morning and night on my face and neck.  It feels light and fluffy but instantly transforms into a more cream-like texture on your face, locking in that hydration for up to 24 hours.  Thanks to a highly concentrated form of Camellia Oil Extract, your skin also should experience an intense plumping effect, which I love.  I feel like my fine lines have disappeared!


Have you guys tried any skincare products from the CHANEL Hydra Beauty line?  Let me know in the comments below if there’s anything else I need to add to my regime!


(Dress is by Amanda Uprichard)


Disclosure: This post was sponsored by CHANEL, as always all opinions are my own! 


I’m definitely going to be giving this a try!