August 13, 2018

Where I get my biker shorts from



I’m not one to be afraid to try a new trend.  And when it’s one that’s as comfortable and actually as practical as this, count me in.  Comfort was definitely “in” in the late ’80’s and ’90’s and thankfully so because now we’re all running around town in cozy, laid back outfits like biker shorts, chunky dad sneakers and fanny packs.  How convenient is a fanny pack though?  Everybody needs one, I’m convinced.

Biker Shorts

At first I think many of you were hesitant about this Kim Kardashian-esque trend, questioning my style decisions.  But ever since I took my biker shorts look from dog walking to a lunch meeting with a quick shoe and jacket swap, you’re all wondering where you can get a pair too and understandably so!

I got this set right before my Miami trip earlier this year, it was a press trip with a brand and other media attendees, so I needed to be stylish but also comfortable for a flight.  I ordered it online from Revolve and, fittingly, it was named “The Kim Set.”  It’s not in stock anymore sadly, but you could always do a quick search around and see if anything comes up on Poshmark or another resale site like that.  But, to be honest, I probably shouldn’t have spent as much as I did on “The Kim Set.”  It was still a pretty new trend at the time and, like you guys, I felt like I couldn’t think of any other place that would carry this hot, new trend and I was shopping in a rush.

Fast-forward a few weeks later when I discovered Pretty Little Thing and I was really regretting my $128 biker shorts and sports bra purchase.  Pretty Little Thing has an entire page on their website dedicated to bike shorts that range from $8 – $28 in every color you could imagine.  I got a basic, cotton pair in black and grey, as well as this pair in black (The fabric is different and feels a little dressier).

And then just a few days ago I saw that Aimee from @SongofStyle posted a picture on Instagram wearing biker shorts where she revealed that she just bought a pair of leggings from Target and cut them into shorts.  How easy and efficient is that?  I’m totally going to try it.  I love a crafty moment.

So that’s my guide to buying biker shorts for you gals!  I’ve linked to a few more of my favorite pairs I’ve come across below.  If I were going to splurge again, on my wish list is this ribbed, white pair from Year of Ours.  I love the ribbed fabric and the thicker waistline that looks like it will suck everything in real nicely.  In terms of super trendy pieces it can sometimes be smarter to not spend as much on them, but I’ve definitely been getting my cost per wear out of these so I’m not against investing in another good pair.  But the $8 pair on Target kinda looks amazing, just saying!


What do you guys think of this trend?  Here to stay?