May 21, 2019

The Best Running Shoes, According to My Followers


I recently started running again, so this topic came up on my Instagram Stories and I thought it deserved to be documented in a blog post! Rewind a year, I stopped the dreaded running on the treadmill. I began lifting weights with my boyfriend, 2 hours a day, 4-6 days a week. I saw changes in my body that I loved, but mostly I just felt stronger, and being able to progress (add extra weight, do extra weights) was super rewarding.

Did you know that muscle burns faster than fat? So, if you’re lifting and running, chances are you might be burning more of your muscle and less of the fat. No bueno.

Fast forward, I had a back injury about 5 months ago that brought my weightlifting to a halt. Injuries are the worst aren’t they? I’ve been doing physical therapy, dry needling (thanks @docsarahwilsonpt) and slowly getting back into working out. My ultimate goal is to get back to where I was before with weight lifting, but this time around I have some extra fat to burn first. So the most efficient way to burn fat, for me, is to start running again and doing interval training. This means I don’t focus on running a long distance, but I focus on speed and manipulating my heart rate to burn as much fat and calories as possible in a shorter amount of time.


15 minutes total
30 seconds walking (4.1 speed)
30 seconds sprinting (anywhere from 7-8.5 speed, I’m always working on my pace)

It’s still hard, but not as mentally challenging as running on the treadmill for an hour (which feels like forever). I get SO bored. I even get bored running intervals so I use my playlist to get me through. I alternate songs every 30 seconds or minute to keep things fresh.

But since I’ve been running again, I started having a pain in the side of my foot. My thoughts immediately: Not another injury! I guess this is what getting old is like? Anyways – I think it wasn’t me this time but my shoes. I was running in the Nike Dynamic Training sneaker, which I loved for circuits because they’re so lightweight, but I don’t think they’re supporting my foot enough for running intervals. So I turned to my Instagram followers (You guys have suggestions for everything and I love it) and here’s what you said were the BEST running shoes. I got so many of the same answers multiple times, plus many said you’ve run multiple marathons, so I’m really excited about this list! I’m planning to try ASICS or Brooks first.

*I would like to note: A LOT of responses I got were to go to a running store, like Pacers, to get tested and see what running shoe is best for you, your foot, and your running style. It’s clearly not a one size fits all situation here.

ASICS (Gel Kayano, Gel Nimbus)

Brooks (Ghost 11, Glycerin, Adrenaline GTS, Ravenna)

Nike (Zoom Fly, Pegasus, Pegasus Turbo, Free, Lunar Tempo)


Hokas (One One)
Saucony (Kinvara or Triumph ISO)
ON Running (Cloud Shoe)
Adidas (Ultraboost, Adizero Boston)
New Balance

Have any suggestions you think we should add to the list? Leave them in the comments below!


I definitely needed new running shoes!