November 4, 2019

How I use PowerPoint to Decorate

Home Lifestyle

When it comes to buying new furniture, lighting, or artwork, or anything decor-related really, I have to see things in the space before I can commit. So I used to just buy and return, buy and return… It was a vicious cycle and very time consuming. Or, otherwise, I would never buying anything at all in fear of commitment. In terms of decorating my fiance, Wes, doesn’t really mind what I do which is nice, but doesn’t really help with my indecisive personality!

Long story short, I started using PowerPoint to map things out. I’m a visual person and it’s been super helpful recently as I started picking out some things for our living room. I most recently used this method to pick new artwork for the living room and new throw pillows for our couch. You could totally do this in Photoshop or some other fancy photo software, but PowerPoint is just so easy to use and perfect for what I needed it for.

Here’s how I do it.

First I installed the Snipping Tool on my computer and I use it all the time for when I need to screenshot something. You can easily cut out a screenshot of anything and save it or paste it anywhere. I would definitely recommend getting that first, or something similar to make your life easier. So basically I cut and paste in all of my elements into PowerPoint, like below. In this case I put my couches, pillows, a shelf, and some artwork options:

I also used PowerPoint to figure out which prints looked good together, and I love how easy it is to try a ton of different combinations this way. Super helpful if you’re the type of psycho I am who needs to see every possible option before making a decision. I literally annoy myself with this… Can you tell?

Here are a few different combinations of three prints side by side that I liked:

Option A

Option B

Option C

By the way, while were here, which combo do you like best? Help a sister out!

PowerPoint is also has a cool function that helps me see things in a more visually appealing way – Design Ideas. When you start pasting things onto a slide, PowerPoint will come up with 5-6 different ways to organize them on the slide (as seen on the right side of the screen). It’s super helpful with formatting because it basically does all of the work for you:

So that’s it! That’s how I decorate. It’s pretty simple, but I know a few people have asked for this so I thought I would share exactly how I do it. And, before you ask, I linked all of my favorite artwork for you below! And, as always, you can shop all of my HOME DECOR here.