November 4, 2019

Recipe: Brussels Sprouts & Burrata Bowl

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I’ve been loving this easy and healthy bowl for lunch! It’s super light, so I don’t feel overly stuffed afterwards. The burrata cheese is just enough to make sure it’s not too healthy, ya know? And everything can be found at Trader Joe’s too of course!


Shredded Brussels Sprouts
Italian Chicken Sausage
Tri-color Quinoa
Pomegranate Seeds
Balsamic Glaze

First, slice up the sausage and saute in olive oil or avocado oil with the shredded Brussels sprouts. I already had some quinoa prepped, but of course you’ll need to make some of that in advance as well. Trader Joe’s has some easy-to-make frozen quinoa, by the way! Then serve and top with the pomegranate seeds, avocado, burrata and some balsamic glaze (plus salt and pepper if you desire!) and voila!