December 31, 2019

New In & Noteworthy

Featured Holiday 2019 Outfits

Okay, truthfully? Writing this post makes me feel like a five year old – Because I actually am still a child who receives a bunch of presents under the tree from their family members. Tell me I’m not the only one please! But I feel like I got some really good stuff this year and I couldn’t wait to show you!

Not to sound ungrateful, but one thing that is missing from this list were these luxe undergarments on my list – ahem, Santa…. But you know you’re an adult when most of your gifts are from CB2 and Amazon am I right?

BEDSIDE CARAFE: The one thing you never knew you needed. This water carafe makes me feel like I’m at a cozy bed and breakfast every single night and I love it. Hopefully it will also help me drink more water. I love the ribbed glass, it looks expensive and could double as a chic bud vase too.

“THE” BLANKET: Finally – I get what all the hype is about! I’m not a huge fan of the print but it’s so soft and warm. It’s perfect for cozying up on the couch with some Netflix. My dogs love it too! (Note: The exact one I got is sold out on Nordstrom, so I’ll link to a similar one by Barefoot Dreams for now.)

FLAWLESS FILTER (MAKEUP): I’m always looking for products to enhance the appearance of my skin. To me, if your skin looks good, everything else will! A light layer of this over your foundation (or on bare skin) gives the nicest sheen. It really is like a filter!

IPHONE TRIPOD/RING LIGHT: I don’t know why I didn’t already own this because it’s way easier then the whole rigged situation I was doing before. And it comes with a tiny remote that’s easy to hide so no more self-timer for me! It’s great to have on hand for family photos too.

SILVER LINK BRACELET: If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been incorporating more silver into my everyday jewelry stack. I love the links and it’s the perfect masculine touch to balance out my other pieces. It reminds me of a bracelet my dad used to wear in the best way possible.

BATH CADDY: I loveeee to take baths, especially in the winter time. Thanks to this bath caddy, my self-care routine just stepped up a notch on the chic scale. Obsessed! Perfect for my glass of wine, a candle, face mask, phone/book, etc. You know, all the essentials.

SUNDAY SUPPERS BOOK: It’s such a beautiful book, from the inside out. I love collecting coffee table books and I usually look for ones with neutral bindings. This one just so happens to be filled with a ton of amazing recipes for various Sunday activities that are right up my ally, like beet pickled eggs and fried green tomato sandwiches. My mouth is watering!

I’ll link all of these plus a few other things I got below! 🙂