January 13, 2020

10 Makeup Products I Can’t Live Without

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I’m always trying new products in the background but I’d say about 10% make into my daily routine. And if it does, that’s how you know it’s good. I’m a creature of habit and can be pretty picky when it comes to makeup. The color has to be just right, I’m very sensitive to the way a product’s formula feels or sits on my skin, I can’t with any product that falls off within 10 minutes of wearing it, and I equally can’t with anything that doesn’t look or feel natural.

There are so many products out there and I wanted this list to be one you could come back to whenever you felt like trying something new. I’ve really been loving my makeup routine lately, it checks all the boxes for me. But please note, this isn’t a full makeup routine. I left out the products that I swap in and out more frequently, like different eye-liners, and aimed to keep things limited to the products I use (almost) every single day.

To give you a little background about how real and in-the-moment this post came to fruition – I didn’t even select the number 10 prior to curating this list even though it works out nicely. I went into my bathroom, opened up my beauty cabinet, and carefully and thoughtfully pulled out these products for you. So I hope you enjoy!

As always, all of these products (and more of my faves) are linked on my Shop Makeup page.

10 Makeup Products I Can’t Live Without:

+ Lune and Aster RealGlow Skin Tint: I love no fuss makeup and, with my recent declaration to spend less time on my hair and makeup, this product is going to remain a staple in my beauty routine for the foreseeable future. I use this as my foundation because it gives your skin the nicest even and dewy glow with light to medium coverage – Just enough to even out skin tone and hide minor imperfections – Just how I like it. (I wear the color Sand)

+ Chanel Soliel de Tan: I randomly asked for this for Christmas two years ago and it’s by far one of my best discoveries. It’s a one-shade-fits which makes no sense but it works. If you’re not “warming up the skin” with a cream bronzer, right after you do foundation and right before any bronzer or blush, you’re missing out. I don’t know if it’s the formula of this one that keeps me coming back to it or the color, they’re both amazing.

+ Glossier Futuredew: And, yes, I consider this more makeup than skincare. This product is still fairly new for me but I’m obsessed because it gives your skin an instant dewy glow. It’s actually a hybrid between a serum and oil and I’ve never found anything like it. I typically use it after my skincare routine, before I do my makeup. It’s a nice barrier between the two which helps with even application. You can also use it in your makeup routine as a highlighter. Perfect for those days when you don’t want any tint or shimmer to your highlight!

+ Beauty Blender: There’s just no other way to blend in your foundation as good as with a Beauty Blender, in my opinion. Foundation brushes seem to pick up too much of the product and I can’t be wasting money like that so I always have one or two of these on hand. I prefer the nude one because it doesn’t look as dirty as we all know those can get.

+ Urban Decay Afterglow Blush: (In “Fetish”) Here’s how real this post was: I didn’t check to see if this was even available before I included it and now I can’t find it! Ahhhh, don’t do this to me Urban Decay! This blush was SO unexpected for me but I come back to it over and over and over again. I would never have picked out a blush tone like this before but just hear me out. Versus a pale pink, which is what I used to reach for, this deeper pink color is weirdly the most natural looking on me. I swear, it makes me look so tan, like I just stepped out of the sun. LOVE! Time to find something comparable… We’ll revisit this soon I promise!

+ Lancome Dual Finish Illuminating Highlighter: (In “Radiant Rose Gold”) About a year ago I discovered something magical – That a blush-highlighter combo is the way to go. I use this alone on most days when I’m in a rush, I’ll even swipe on a little to make my lids pop a bit, and my face just instantly comes to life! The color gives you that amazing Victoria’s Secret model glow.

+ Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter: Another newbie in my routine that I wish I started using sooner! I’m really a strong believer in investing most of your time, energy and money into your skin because if your skin looks great then the rest of your makeup will. I add a light layer of this over my foundation and instantly it looks like you’re walking around with the Instagram’s Paris filter on. Don’t ask me how, but it works. (I wear “Medium”)

+ Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel: I’ve tried a TON of different brow gels and there is just nothing that compares to this one in terms of keeping your brows in place (without being crunchy or weird). I never worry about my brows anymore throughout the day. I can change clothes as many times as I want and my brows won’t budge. It’s the best and I’ve seen more and more people getting hooked on it too.

+ Tom Ford Wild Ginger: This color changed my life. I never was much of a red lip girl before but it’s become such a go-to look for me, thanks to this specific shade of red. I think it’s the orange undertones are what make it so fresh and different and I love the formula too. I once heard it’s one of Tom Ford’s oldest lip colors that’s remained in the collection. It’s pricey but worth every penny to have this one shade of red in your makeup kit.

+ Ilia Limitless Lash Mascara: Over the years I’ve become super picky about mascara. I can’t with the clumpy spider lashes anymore. Maybe it’s my old age, I’m no fun or not cool anymore, whatever. Ladies, embrace your natural lashes! It’s way more chic. Ilia has mastered the non-clumping formula paired with a lovely applicator brush that leaves you with long, perfectly combed lashes. And they’re a clean beauty brand which is always a win in my book when it comes to something you’re putting on your eyes, am I right?

It’s not a full makeup routine but hopefully you’ll find you love some of these as much as I do. Makeup doesn’t have to be complicated but with a good foundation, you’ll always feel your best. Let me know if you have tried any of these products or plan to. And, of there’s anything else you think I need to try, please send me your rec’s too!

xx, Natalie