March 11, 2020

S/S ’20 Shoe Guide


The temperature has started warming up here in DC and I AM SO EXCITED. Spring and summer are my seasons. So in preparation, I was analyzing my closet the other day to see what I needed. Shoes were the first place I started so, in case you are doing the same, here are 6 shoes I think every girl needs to have in her closet this season. And you can shop all of these, plus a few more I found, at the bottom of this post!

What are your go-to shoes in the spring/summer?

+ NUDE HEELS: They go with everything and make your legs look a mile long. I just got this pair and I’m obsessed.

+ A SPORTY SANDAL: I love a teva-style sandal for travels (fun fact: I got engaged in a pair of shoes like these! In my defense we were on a cliff). It sounds strange until you try it but, bare with me, they look really cute when paired with a flowy maxi dress to dress down the look. I also love my Birk’s.

+ A BOLD WHITE SANDAL: A stark white slide is the way to go to make any outfit look like a million bucks. They’re so sleek and add a little pop! White sandals are my go-to when I’m on vacation and I want to feel dressed up but also comfortable and don’t want to wear heels.

+ SOMETHING SNAKESKIN: The perfect accent to your favorite neutral looks. I have these. They’re perfect when you don’t want to just wear black, white or nude you know? Snakeskin might seem trendy but they never go out of style in my opinion.

+ STRAPPY FLATS: Strappy sandals are trending this season so they won’t be hard to find. I love how they make your feet look almost naked. It’s very minimal and chic.

+ CANVAS SANDAL: Simply because I wore these SO much last summer. They’re neutral and go with every look and the texture adds a little something special. Something rattan would also work well to achieve a similar look!