May 13, 2020

Forever21 Spring Picks

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Hi Babes!

I know times are weird and even sometimes scary right now but I’m here to remind you we are still allowed to find joy in the things that we used to! Getting dressed in the morning or putting on make up gives me a sense of normalcy, so that’s what I try to do every day. Certain days are easier than other, but that’s okay! We’re here to focus on the good days, right?

I asked you a few weeks ago what you wanted to see more of around here and affordable fashion was a top request (Which, I’m totally on board for)! When it comes to trendier pieces, I’m all about saving versus splurging. And I’ve been finding the cutest pieces on Forever21 lately! I love to check their ‘New Arrivals‘ section every week or so because they’re always getting new, cute and fun stuff.

I recently picked up some cute warm-weather tops to throw on with your favorite jeans, a few dresses that are cozy enough to bop around the house in, plus a few other great basics and accessories. Everything is linked below! I ordered a size medium in everything except for the (large) sweatshirt. Everything runs TTS or size down if you’re in between.