May 31, 2022

Desenio Posters & Prints

Featured Home

We’re big fans of Desenio when it comes to finding affordable artwork. We used Desenio to decorate in our last home too! But if you follow us on Instagram, our vibe is definitely a bit different in our home now here in the Outer Banks. So, we decided to pick out a few new pieces to decorate some blank wall space.

Life at the beach is much slower-paced, relaxed and “happy vibes only,” so I decided to inject some color into our home by way of some colorful prints from Desenio’s website. We used black metal framing last time, but opted for white and natural wood tones this time around to keep things light and airy. I love the way this looks paired with the colorful prints I picked out. They remind me of something you might see hanging in a cute Copenhagen apartment! Here’s a link to each of the exact prints I ordered:

+ Exposición No3 with Oak Frame

+ Poppy Peach poster with Oak Frame

+ Le Jardin No4 poster with White Frame

+ Emerald Abstract No1 poster with White Frame

If you don’t know where to start and need some inspiration, definitely check out their Gallery Wall section with pre-bundled posters! But their site is super easy to navigate based on what your design style is and they also sell all of the framing, mat boards, and picture hooks you might need to hang your prints. I just use my own nails (you could also use command strips) as all of their frames come with metal hangers on the backs. And I love how fast and easy their shipping process is.

Would love to hear what you think of our new artwork!